ETL tools & Data Integration

ETL tools

Choosing and selecting an ETL tool

In many organisations there is no software selection process at all. Sometimes there is a corporate standard you need to comply to, or you may have a database or BI tool in place from a specific vendor, and you decide to buy an … Read more

ETL Tools and productivity

All the ETL vendors say the same thing: “our biggest competitor is custom code and stored procedures”. There are still a large number of organizations building data warehouses without using an ETL tool, writing their own, mostly very complex, SQL statements, often difficult to maintain. This is not very smart if … Read more

Comparison of 21 ETL & Data Integration tools

The ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey contains a fully independent comparison of all significant ETL tools and data integration tools in the market. Comparison took place on seven categories and almost 90 criteria. Many customers … Read more

Why buy the ETL tool Survey Report?

The ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey has been conducted by Passionned, a 100% vendor independent research company and consultancy, specialising in Business Intelligence consulting and integration from a business … Read more

Choose your edition

The ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey 2014, a 100% vendor independent comparison & market analysis, comes in three different editions. In the table below you will find a comparison of these editions to help you to choose … Read more