List of ETL tools

The list of ETL tools (click on the name for more details) is composed for a 100% independent feature-by-feature comparison and covers at least 90% of the market. Many of the ETL vendors are trying to convince people that their software can do nearly everything, but from our research we know they don’t. Learn more in our survey or download the free preview.

The list of ETL tools

Listed below are the products that are included in our ETL tools comparison. The numbers have no significance in terms of how highly the products scored in the evaluation. The following ETL tools were thoroughly examined on +90 criteria. Click on the name of the ETL tool for more information, download our survey and discover what the best ETL tool is for your organisation.

Download the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey: 22 tools reviewed

Get all information to select the best (enterprise) ETL tooling for the best price by ordering the ETL tools & Data Integration Survey 2014. You will get real insight into using ETL tools to build successful ETL applications and we will send you results of comparing all the major ETL tools across 90 criteria. The survey covers at least 90% of the market.

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Why are certain ETL tools not on this list?

It is our intention to include all the significant products in this report but to do this we need the full cooperation of the vendor. In most cases that is not a problem but some vendors either won’t cooperate at all or have decided to withdraw their products from the report because, we assume, they didn’t like the results. In a number of cases vendors have said that they will cooperate but we are still waiting for their answers to (difficult) questions. The following vendors and products fall into one of the above categories:

  • Ab Initio – will not cooperate with us in any way
  • Expressor - Now owned by Qlik, this tool have recently been included in our survey
  • SeeBeyond ETL (Sun): we have received no answers to our requests for information
  • DMExpress (Syncsort): is now included in the newest version of our survey

What if your favorite ETL tool is not on this list?

If you think that another ETL tool should be included and it is not on the list above, please fill out the evaluation request form and we will take a look at it as soon as possible.

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