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How to select the right ETL tool for your situation?

Choosing the right ETL software for your organization can seem a daunting prospect. The task is difficult, labor intensive and it is hard to find a good starting point. To support you, we have defined a step by step ETL tool selection strategy, based on our more than ten years of involvement in tool selection processes. Read more

The 6 Biggest Trends in Data Integration for 2015

During our interviews with the different ETL vendors at the end of this year we have seen a number of general trends and topics emerge. Especially those vendors that operate on the cutting edge are very eloquent on where they see ETL and Data Integration going. Apart from the “hard”, technical developments, we can see that a small number of vendors have a keen eye for the “soft” side of ETL and Data Integration, being data governance and the role of human intervention in maintaining data quality. Read more

Comparison of 22 ETL & Data Integration tools

The ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey contains a fully independent comparison of all significant ETL tools and data integration tools in the market. Comparison took place on 12 categories and almost 90 criteria. Many customers … Read more

The 7 biggest benefits of ETL tools

We now generally recommends using an ETL tool, but a custom-built approach can still makes sense, especially when it is model-driven. This publication summarizes the seven biggest benefits of ETL tools and offers guidance on making the right choice for your situation. Read more

ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey 2015

Our research includes all the major ETL tools and data integration platforms (see list). The assessment is based on 90 key evaluation criteria, expert reviews and customer feedback. And that will help you to select the best ETL tool for your needs very easily. In the table below you will find a comparison of these editions to help you to choose your best option.

345 EUR
575 EUR
795 EUR
12 graphs comparing all 22 ETL toolsYesYesYes
List of 90 selection criteria with an explanationYesYesYes
Two-page Selection GuideYesYesYes
Expert review on each ETL toolNoYesYes
Pricing (indication per category)NoYesYes
Background of the SurveyNoYesYes
Explanation of Data integrationNoYesYes
Comparison matrix with all the detailsNoNoYes
Total pages in the report3876102
Price in dollars (approx.)USD 390USD 640USD 890

Why buy the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey Report?

The ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey has been conducted by Passionned Group, a 100% vendor independent research company and consultancy, specializing in Business Intelligence consulting and data integration from a business perspective Read more