Completely new edition of ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey

The Passionned Group ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey has existed since 2003, and is a 100% supplier-independent market comparison and analysis report. Hundreds of organizations use the report worldwide to make the best choice for an ETL tool or data integration solution quickly. The December 2014 edition was recently published. “In fact, its not merely an update, all the parts have been completely revised”, said Passionned Group Editor, Rick van der Linden. … [Read more...]

The 7 biggest benefits of ETL tools

A decade ago the vast majority of data warehouse systems were hand crafted, but the market for ETL software has steadily grown and the majority of practitioners now use ETL tools in place of hand-coded systems. Does it make sense to hand-code (SQL) a data warehouse today, or is an ETL tool a better choice? … [Read more...]

How to measure usability of ETL tools?

The maximum number of points awarded in our ETL tools & Data Integration Survey to an ETL tool for its ease-of-use was eleven. A maximum of two points was awarded for each of the four attributes, indicated by one or more plus (+) signs and points were allocated depending on the number of days of training suggested by the vendors (less training required – more points for Ease of Use). … [Read more...]

The case for a data quality platform

We have recently been investigating why so many data migration projects (84%) run over time or budget. Over half of the respondents in our survey who had run over budget blamed inadequate scoping (that is, they had not properly or fully profiled their data) and more than two thirds of those that had gone over time put their emphasis in the same place. … [Read more...]