Do you want to buy from one of the ETL vendors? Discover their secrets here.

This is an overview of all the important ETL vendors in the market. The vendors provide solutions to perform data integration, data migration, data management, data profiling and ETL. Some of the vendors also offer business intelligence software. Click on the name of the vendor / tool to learn more.

How to compare these vendors?

In our 100% vendor independent ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey 2015 we compare these ETL vendors as well as their solutions on 90 key criteria that are important for selecting the right software for your organization. Do you need a solution that runs on Unix? Or Linux? Do you need a very user-friendly ETL tool? Is Data Quality important for your organization? Our survey provide all the answers to the important questions you’ll have when planning to purchase an ETL tool or data integration solution.

Which vendors provide open source ETL?

Most of the vendors listed above are commercial vendors which means that the software is not for free and that the source code isn’t available for developers. Only Pentaho, Talend and Clover provide an open source ETL tool and on some aspects they score on par with the commercial offerings. Learn more about open source ETL software.

Do you want to purchase software from one of these ETL vendors?

Vendor selection can be a time consuming task. We have assisted organizations for over 10 years in selecting the right vendor and we’ll gladly help you to choose the best ETL solution for your organization. Through our extensive knowledge of the market we have also been able to support our customers in the negotiation process with vendors.

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