SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) connect and transform disparate data sources. Gain a scalable enterprise data integration platform with exceptional extract, transform, and load (ETL) and integration capabilities by using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services.

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Which features does SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) support?

If you want to know how SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) scores on different ETL evaluation criteria and exactly which functionality it provides. We did all the work for you. Vendors will often tell you only the strengths of their product(s). In our vendor neutral survey, all the features are revealed, including the weak points. Why buy our 100% vendor independent survey?

Review of SSIS in our survey (PARTIAL results)
  • Basic functionality
  • Connectivity
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"For users working in an almost exclusively Microsoft environment this product will meet most if not all of their needs. Since the basic functionality is available the only problems are in the areas of connectivity with the non-Microsoft world, the lack of an integrated real-time product and high performance features like massively parallel processing and grid awareness." Read more in our 100% vendor neutral ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey.

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Information from the vendor

Many believed that Microsoft would take the lead in the BI marketplace

Many of the ETL vendors were apprehensive that Microsoft would take the lead in both the BI and the ETL marketplaces. This is not so surprising, given Microsoft’s clout in the software market, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. Microsoft’s strategy appears to be to take their time developing a good product, often inspired by products from other ETL vendors, and then give it away. It took five years to develop Integration Services and it is completely different from its predecessor Data Transformation Services (DTS), a product that was never very highly rated.

SSIS contains valuable features

Integration Services contains valuable features for slowly changing dimensions (not just a wizard, it is out-of-the-box), debugging (it is integrated in the Visual Studio suite), pivoting, union, reusability and more. The usability when compared to other tools is quite high, but it only runs on the Windows platform and then integrated with the database SQL Server. In this environment, the product performance is excellent, having nearly all the features an ETL developer needs. It lacks however some of the more sophisticated functions and features available in other products. The What You See Is What You Get feature is very well implemented. Integration Services however misses real-time facilities and does not provide functions for data quality inspection and improvement and has limited facilities for changed data capture.

Key Capabilities

  • Write script tasks with Microsoft Visual C# and Microsoft Visual Basic .NET.
  • Work with the ADO.NET for source and destination components.
  • Use thread pooling and enhanced lookup transformations.
  • Take advantage of the improved Import and Export Wizard.

Creating process flow for data through your organization can be one of the most challenging tasks. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) helps you with a robust enterprise-class data integration application.

Source: microsoft.com.

“Low price and ease of use”

Rick van der Linden, senior analyst and author of the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey said about SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS): “The only disadvantage being the lack of support for “unusual” types of files and application packages, this may well be compensated by the low price and ease of use.” Find out more and order now the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey 2015.

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