The list of ETL tools (click on the name for more details) is composed in order to support a 100% independent feature-by-feature comparison and covers at least 90% of the data integration market. Many ETL vendors try to convince potential buyers that they can do almost everything for everyone, but our research proves that these claims are often a bit exaggerated. Learn more in our ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey .

The list of ETL tools

Listed below are the products that are included in our ETL tools comparison matrix. They have been thoroughly examined on +90 criteria. The different ETL tools are listed randomly. The review scores in this list are based on only 1 important question category (out of 12 categories). Click on the name of the ETL tool for more detailed information, download our survey and discover what the best ETL tool is for your organization.

Download the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey: 22 tools reviewed

Get all the information necessary to select the best (enterprise) ETL tooling for your organization at the best price by ordering the ETL tools & Data Integration Survey 2015. You will get real insight into the defining characteristics of the ETL tools. It will enable you to select the right software for your successful ETL implementation. You will receive detailed and validated answers of all the major ETL vendors across 90 criteria. Our survey covers at least 90% of the market.

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Why are certain ETL tools not on this list?

It is our full intention to include all significant ETL products in our report. However, we are dependent on the full cooperation of the vendors. To ensure the high quality of our survey we request that they fill out our detailed questionnaire, that they make available a testing environment for our researchers, and that they take part in one or more Q&A sessions with our researchers. In all but two cases vendors have gladly shown their willingness to cooperate in our study. The following vendors have declined to cooperate:

  • Ab Initio: will not cooperate with us in any way
  • SeeBeyond ETL: has not sent us answers to our requests for information

ETL tools and the data warehouse

ETL tools and data warehousingMany ETL tools were originally developed to make the task of the data warehouse developer easier and more fun. Developers are spared the arduous task of handwriting SQL code, replacing it with easy drag and drop to develop a data warehouse.

Today, the top ETL tools in the market have vastly expanded their functionality beyond data warehousing and ETL. They now contain extended functionalities for data profiling, data cleansing, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Big Data processing, data governance and master data management. Learn more about the top ETL tools in our vendor neutral survey or discover the 9 reasons why you should build a data warehouse.

ETL is not enough, you need business intelligence software too

ETL and data integration software is primarily meant to perform the extraction, transformation and loading of data. Once the data is available for example in a data warehouse or OLAP cube, Business Intelligence software is commonly used to analyze and visualize the data. This type of software also provides reporting, data discovery, data mining and dashboarding functionality. Passionned Group also follows the Business Intelligence market closely. Learn more about our research on Business Intelligence software.

What if your favorite ETL tool is not on this list?

If you think that a certain ETL tool is missing from this list and should be included, please fill out the evaluation request form and we will see into it straight away.