Major Update of the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey

In the last week of September 2012, Passionned’s ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey has been updated to reflect the latest versions of the major ETL tools in the market. Two ETL products were added to the survey and four ETL tools have been updated to show their new functions and features. In the list of ETL tools you will find a list of all the ETL tools included in the survey, including both commercial and open source ETL tools.

The newest release of Informatica’s Powercenter, version 9.5, is now in the survey and the ETL products SAS Data Integration Studio, SAP Data Services, Talend’s Open Studio for Data Integration, version 5.2 and CloverETL have undergone updates.

SAP’s Data Services product has become so easy to use that they have set the standard for other products to measure themselves against.

The two products that have been added are:

  • Syncsort DMExpress 5.5;
  • Expressor (QlikView) Data Integration Platform 3.7. ( now QlikView)

If you want to compare all the major ETL tools on 90 criteria, or a selection of them, you can purchase the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey 2015.

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The information and insights it contains will save you a lot of time and the survey is 100% vendor independent and free from any vendor bias.


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